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About the RSC

The Regional Support Centre is the first point of contact for all the institutions we support, providing information about JISC services, ICT-related awareness-raising, support and training. A detailed description of the RSC’s Services is available in this website’s services description section.

History of the RSC
Following the integration of Further Education (FE) as a full-funding partner of the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), thirteen JISC Regional Support Centres (RSCs) were established across the UK in 2000.

Within Scotland, two RSCs have been established. One covers the area from the Glasgow area south to the Borders and from Lanarkshire to the south west coast (RSC Scotland South & West). The other covers the rest of Scotland, including all of the Highlands and Islands (RSC Scotland North & East).

Institutions Supported by the RSC
RSC Scotland North & East provides support to twenty-three colleges of Further Education and a designated number of Higher Education Institutions within a geographical area from the Borders to Shetland and encompassing all of the Highlands and Islands.

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