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initiativesTraditional methods of assessment in colleges and universities are set to change, with advances in technology increasing the ways in which a student’s progress can be observed. Your RSC will support you by providing an overview of current initiatives in the area and keeping you informed of forthcoming e-Assessment events and workshops.

Our specific task is to:

assist the strategic integration of e-Assessment within institutions.
evaluate the advantages of using e-Assessment.
raise awareness of e-Assessment opportunities and resources
support colleges embed the use of e-Assessment across college teaching staff
review levels of use of e-Assessment

e-Assessment 07/08 – Training and Support Initiatives

Regional Support Centre Scotland North & East have published a report that sets out the various training and support initiatives that are being developed by the RSCs in the area of e-Assessment. These initiatives draw upon the findings of the recent e-Assessment survey (see below) and ETNA Vol. III (2007). The report examines seven categories of interest:

General Initiatives
VLEs and Stand-alone Assessment Systems
Web 2.0
COLEG On-Line Assessments (COLA)
Solar Project
Mobile Assessment, Voting Systems, Simulations & Games

Survey (FE only)
The JISC Regional Support Centres’ carried out a survey in May of 2007 to gauge e-Assessment usage in Scottish Further Education colleges. The response from the North & East was great – with 100% of colleges participating! We’d just like to send out a big THANK YOU to all of you that took the time to complete the survey!

Some of the key points from the survey were:

91.7% of you would be willing to try e-Assessment in the future!
Of those who had adopted the new technologies, 52.5% had authored their own e-Assessments.
Almost neck and neck were network issues (60.6%) and lack of experience/training (59.6%) as factors inhibiting use of the technology.
A complete report is now available from the e-Assessment section of RSC Scotland South & West’s website.

Online assessment has a lot of potential in terms of easing the workload for lecturers, and improving the learning experience for students. Conducting assessments online may not suit every situation and every subject. However, in those situations where it is suitable, many lecturers and students are starting to appreciate the increased flexibility that it brings.


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