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e-Conf-jigsawAn e-Portfolio for every student’. This is what the Dept. for Education & Skills (DfES) proposes should be the goal for English & Welsh academic institutions in 2008. Most Scottish institutions, if they haven’t already adopted an e-Portfolio system, are now considering the available options for their own students.

Key questions are already forming in this important emerging field:

Who legally owns the e-portfolio?
Should we be worrying about what goes into them?
Are they the future of personalised learning?
Do students really want them?
The RSC are committed to supporting institutions develop their own e-Portfolio strategies, by bringing you news of the latest developments in the area. On this page, you’ll be able to find information.

e-Portfolio Conference – Providing the Evidence
On the 31st of January 2008, the Scottish RSCs invited delegates from across the country to attend the e-Portfolio Conference – Providing the Evidence at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

Even the raging snowstorm in the morning and admittedly chilly lecture hall couldn’t keep the audience away, with just under 120 delegates arriving to immerse themselves in a packed programme.

If you were one of the unlucky few who managed to miss the conference, then you’ll be able to download the presentations from the links below:

Keynote Speakers
Making it different and making it happen (…almost)
A Stitch in Time… Legal Issues of e-Portfolios
Accessibility in e-Portfolios: Access for the disabled; usability for all
Addressing plagiarism in the Web 2.0 environment
My PDP – Discipline-based variations utilising a common PDP platform
Bebo Me-Folio
Using the TurnitinUK plagiarism detection software
Using e-Portfolios as a tool in the assessment process
Using PebblePad at QMU
E-ducation 2.0

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