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JISC Services for Managers

Plagiarism Advisory Service
The JISC Plagiarism Advisory Service provides generic advice and guidance on all aspects of plagiarism prevention and detection to institutions, academics and students.

JISC infoNet:
JISC infoNet provide expertise in planning and implementing information systems. They are also a source of legal information relevant to providers such as data protection, freedom of information, and intellectual property rights.

infoKits are their core resources, covering key frameworks and topics relating to planning and implementing information systems. These are complemented by applied infoKits which use the generic frameworks and apply them to specific types of implementation.

JISC infoNet also provide training workshops in a number of areas likely to be highly relevant for managers, such as:

Creating a Managed Learning Environment
Learner-Centred Process Review
Project Management
Freedom of Information
Records Management
Risk Management
These workshops run from time to time, at the Regional Support Centre. If you have a need for a particular workshop, but it is not sheduled on our training programme, please contact us to discuss your training needs.

The JISC TechDis service aims to improve provision for disabled staff and students in the further, higher and specialist education sectors through technology. Advice and resources are available from TechDis to enable your institution to comply with government legislation on accessibility. Please consult the TechDis website to see the range of support available, or contact your RSC to discuss any specific support that you would like to receive locally.

The JISC training organisation, Netskills, offers ICT-related workshops of interest to managers. For example: ‘Safety, Security and Privacy on the Internet’ or ‘Detecting and Deterring Plagiarism’. Several other workshops in the Netskills portfolio are designed for practitioners within colleges and universities and these are likely to contribute to the ICT strategy in place within your own institution. Please contact your RSC to discuss any training requirements that you have in these areas.

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