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techSpacePaperTechnology is changing the face of learning and teaching. Development in wireless networks, affordable computing and mobile devices, combined with the emergence of student centred approaches is directly influencing the very structure and functionality of colleges and universities. The RSC is committed to supporting institution adapt to this changing environment by:

providing advice on issues involved with new or refurbished learning spaces;
helping project design and development teams understand the special information, communications and learning technology needs of learning providers; and
providing exemplars of good practice.
On this page you will be able to find information on:

RSC Forums
JISC Resources

The two Scottish Regional Support Centres have established the Learning Space Design Forum. This forum is for members of college or university staff who are facing, or who have already completed, a new build/space re-design and aims to provide members with an opportunity to share expertise and explore the strategic use of spaces to support learning. More details about this and other forums are available from our RSC Forums section.
JISC Resources
For a summary of recent JISC funded projects exploring the design, implementation and management of learning spaces JISC have prepared the Technology-Rich Physical Space Design Briefing Paper. This paper provides an overview of JISC activities on learning space design from 2006 to present. Included in the paper are summaries of:

Designing Spaces for Effective Learning (2006) – this publication introduces some design considerations for 21 st century learning and illustrates these with a number of case studies.
The Design and Management of Open-Plan Technology-Rich Learning and Teaching Spaces in Further and Higher Education in the UK (2007) – a report identifying the operational difficulties of open-plan teaching and learning spaces. This report includes guidelines for senior managers on the containment of noise, maintenance and user behaviour.
Planning and Designing Technology-Rich Learning Spaces (2007) – an infoKit designed to provide staff with ideas, practical tools and templates to assist them at various stages of new builds or refurbishment projects.
Another useful resource not mentioned in the briefing paper is the JISC funded eSpaces Project (2005) which explored how ‘Innovative Technologies are Influencing the Design of Physical Learning Spaces in the Post-16 Sector’.

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