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Alternative Formats
If you require any of our publications in an alternative format please let us know. The following formats are currently offered and supported by RSC Scotland North & East:

Digital Talking Book in DAISY format
MP 3 format with synthesised voice
Large Print
Plain Text
Several of these formats require the use of specialised hardware or software in order to access the materials. Please ensure you have the appropriate hardware to access the following formats:

Specialised hardware playback devices for example DAISY player.
MP3 player
List of Publications
The Channel
ETNA 2007 Report published
e-Olympics Train the Trainers Guide
ETNA (Enhanced Training Needs Analysis) 2003
The use of ICT: FE College Outreach Centres
The Assessor’s Guide to Freeware and Open Source Software Alternatives

The Channel

The Channel signals the start of several new services, including support for online assessment, support with accessibility issues, and support with understanding what on earth all this talk about Web2.0 might mean!

ETNA 2007 Report published

We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest Electronic Training Needs Analysis (ETNA) of Further Education in Scotland. This document, prepared by the Scottish JISC Regional Support Centres, provides a window on the Further Education sector, presenting valuable strategic information to decision-makers within colleges and universities, and to external agencies and organisations interested in tertiary education.

e-Olympics Train the Trainers Guide

In order to capture the essential elements of the e-Olympics RSC Scotland North & East has now produced a do-it-yourself manual to provide colleges with all the necessary know-how and the resources to run the whole event. The RSCs are still delighted to come to your College and light the flame but everything you need to know to deliver the training is contained in this booklet.

The use of ICT: FE College Outreach Centres

The Regional Support Centre operates within a highly dispersed geographical area, including the remotest parts of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Many colleges have some or several outreach centres – often located several miles (or even on separate islands) from the main campus building. This report is based on original research by Jean Ritchie at the University of Edinburgh and examines in detail the use of ICT in outreach centres connected to Scottish Colleges of Further Education.

e-Quality Newsletter

The second edition of e-Quality features a range of hints and tips to make MS Word more accessible, a review of Open Source software and the day-to-day responsibilities of a learning support officer at Edinburgh’s Telford College.

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