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The e-Olympics

What’s the e-Olympics?
The e-Olympics is an integrated online-learning training program developed by the JISC Regional Support Centre for Scotland North and East. Aimed at front-line lecturing staff of further or higher education subjects, the programme is designed to guide participants through the stages involved in planning, constructing, resourcing and delivering a learning sequence in their own teaching areas.
The e-Olympics: What does it involve?
Through a mixture of introductory and hands-on sessions, participants:

Discovering the pedagogical principles behind the concept of ‘learning objects’
Identifying an area for object development, drawn from their own teaching experience.
Buildingthe framework for the object in a systematic and structured manner
Tackling the issues of student interactivity and accessibility
Creating resources to support the delivery of the learning sequence, drawing on a mixture of original materials and pre-prepared learning assets from existing repositories
Packaging the object on completion, ready for use on its own or within a VLE

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